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Specialty Pharmacy Times Features Senderra

What's Good for Patients is Smart for Payors

To a patient with a chronic illness, the first blow is the diagnosis. The second is news of the medication therapies needed to treat it: unending refills, difficult side effects, and astonishing prices likely to include deep costs out-of-pocket.

But the high expenses hardly end with the patient. Given that skyrocketing medication payments make it difficult to manage pharmacy benefits, a large part of the burden also falls on payors.

In the rolling sea of illness and treatment, the stabilizing agent, both to patient health and to payor costs, is Senderra, a specialty pharmacy known for reliable outcomes data in no small part due to its signature brand of patient care. As Senderra serves – as it improves patient adherence, quality of life, and physician awareness – it also delivers information essential to the payors.

Founded in 2010, Senderra now is one of the largest national independent specialty pharmacies in the U.S., aiding patients diagnosed with chronic medical conditions through specialty medications, ongoing clinical expertise, and support services. Chief among Senderra’s innovative programs is WellPath, the groundbreaking clinical patient therapy that also tracks, measures, documents, and improves outcomes for men and women living with immunological conditions.

WellPath manages three immunity-related disease states: rheumatology (WellPath RA), dermatology (WellPath Derm) and gastroenterology (WellPath GI). In each, specific protocols identify and address adherence risks to give incremental services to patients in higher-adherence risk parameters. Patient by patient, WellPath’s series of progressive and clinically based touch points adapt to individual needs and challenges – even as they facilitate real-time physician input to quickly counter any potential roadblock in a patient’s path to therapy success.

“This is information I’d get no other way,” Louisville KY’s Logan Turner, M.D., serving in advanced dermatology and derma esthetics, says of Senderra’s WellPath. “From adverse effects to disease updates, to asking right questions . . . increasingly I rely on them not just for data, but for assistance with continued patient adherence.”

Payors, meanwhile, rely on WellPath’s real-time data to better understand side effects, protocols, outcomes . . . to better serve their members. Improved adherence obviously leads to improved patient outcomes, and improved patient outcomes can directly lower costs per patient/member.

“Manufacturers want therapies done right. Insurers want therapies to make financial sense. Doctors want hem to work,” Win Purifoy, Senderra’s chair explains. “In WellPath, and in real-time communication, all three come together. And each serves the others.”

Since 2016, Zitter Health Insights and Specialty Pharmacy Times have recognized specialty pharmacies providing best-in-class customer satisfaction and overall care. As a result of programs such as WellPath, Zitter Health Insights and Specialty Pharmacy Times have recognized Senderra as a finalist for the Patient Choice Award both for 2016 and 2017 for best-in-class customer satisfaction and overall patient care.

News of a chronic medical condition can be frightening, but that news is hardly the last word. On behalf of the doctor and alongside the patient, Senderra is the informed advocate, stepping in with patient education, training, steady follow-through – and from it, generating the frontlines’ feedback that improves outcomes for its patients and well beyond.