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Drug Channels: Chain Drug Review - 2019 Retail Forcast

Chain Drug Review – 2019 Retail Forecast

“The pharmacy climate is continually evolving and there are two trends that are quickly vying for consideration in 2019. First, there is a call for greater transparency in regards to Medicare Part D reimbursements. As ambiguous DIR fees raise concerns through the pharmacy industry, the more pharmacy executives will lobby for consistent and reasonable reimbursements. The new proposed Medicare Part D Rule for CY 2020 is evidence that DIR reform is a trending concern. CMS recognizes that DIR fees by Part D sponsors could have ill consequences on Part D market competition. The proposal on DIR pharmacy price concessions resembles the recommendations submitted by NASP, NCPA and NACDS, where the lowest reimbursement rate will be adjudicated at the point of sale. However, it will be interesting to watch how CMS will address a process to determine reasonable and customary drug pricing. The Medicare Part D Rule proposal will no doubt provide greater clarity for Medicare Part D reimbursements.

Second, industry trends continue to focus on improving technology to bolster patient adherence and outcomes. As payers continue to require greater data analysis of patient adherence, and therapy management as they relate to patient outcomes, the more imperative it becomes to keep a pulse on the patient’s status in real-time. Technology is quickly becoming the pharmacy’s best partner to getting real-time communication from the patient. Greater efficiencies with electronic prior authorization submission mean speedier therapy starts, patient and physician portals facilitate the communication of necessary information and SMS messaging translates to real-time communication with the patient regarding their therapy. All of these technologies require pharmacies to not only be accommodating, but advocates for change.

2019 holds out exciting prospects as the market continues to change. Senderra’s hallmark from its inception is to be the maverick of change. We believe in the power of technology and data as catalysts to transform and improve processes. Improved processes mean better service to our patients and improved patient outcomes. As a result of Senderra’s adaptability, we have had the privilege to partner with large pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers to develop clinical programs that optimize patient outcomes and our flexible platform allows Senderra to accommodate the changing technology demands. It’s this flexible approach drives us to continue to look for efficiencies and makes Senderra’s outlook for 2019 promising.”